Saturday, September 29, 2007


So, last night, my step-son had a couple friends spend the night. Boy oh boy, am I ever glad we do not have any more kids. Whew! With the three we already have and then two more on top of it, Dinner and Breakfast alone, was a major production. I have no more clean dishes in my house, and I am exhausted!

We are getting a puppy from one of Drew's friends. The puppy is super cute and we got to see her today, while dropping off the friend. We are naming her Daisy and she is only 5 weeks old. Four more weeks and we are bringing her home. I hope she doesn't get into my yarn stash!

Speaking of my yarn. Things here have been going really great! I did a "Dry" run in the new yarn store "Studio Space" last Monday. It was very strange not dyeing at home. It will definately take some getting use to, but I loved having company while I was dyeing. The company at Bella Lana is always wonderful. The hardest adjustment will have to be not being able to get house work done in between the various stages. I will still have to dye at home too, to be able to keep production up.
Etsy has been going pretty slow. It is hard to keep the momentum up and continue to renew items and get new items listed daily. One of the Etsy Street Teams I am a part of has started a really cool promotion. The street team is for Fiber Artists and it is called EtsyFAST (Etsy Fiber Arts Street Team). The promotion is Fiber Fridays! This is super cool for any of you fiber-a-holics out there. (Hello, my name is Cyndi, and I am a fiber-a-holic) How does it work? Every Friday members from the team will post new fibers; sock yarns, rovings, hand spun yarns, other yarns, your basic all around awesome fiber goodness! Just go to and search for the tag "FiberFriday" under the items: tags, titles section. Fridays just became more fantastic with new fibers from some amazing artists. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Actually The Twisted Purl

So, I have been a knitter for close to 4 years now. I have knit numerous scarves, socks, ponchos, purses, and a few animals. Guess what I found out on Saturday? I purl wrong. Yup! WRONG! How can this be??? I have made countless projects using purls, they have all been fine. Well, I have been twisting my purl. Yup, four years of knitting and I have been actually the twisted purl. Can you believe it? I find such humor and irony in the fact I named my business The Twisted Purl and then come to find out I am twisting my purls. Too funny! Now I actually have to reteach my hands to purl right...not so funny.

The picture above is of the hand spun yarn knitted up from Vermont. It will be a poncho from a pattern in "Options" by Margie Morse Pulley. I have really enjoyed knitting with this yarn. It has been such a wonderful experience. Being the fiber junky I am, this yarn was a dream. It had such lovely variations in the fiber. From thin to thick, never too much to be noticed by the novice, but enough to make it so entertaining to knit. Love, love, love this yarn! I am going to have to contact the spinner and request more. I do have two more hanks of her hand spun yarn, but it is just not enough. I want so badly to share this with other fiber-a-holics. This yarn will totally crash your stash diet, if you are on one! Once I get the project complete I will post a picture.

Stash diets really stink, by the way! What fun is it to limit yourself to the yarn you have when the world is full of beauties screaming your name? "Knit me into something beautiful!!!"

Monday, September 10, 2007

Blogger Time

I am the fiber artist behind The Twisted Purl. I hand dye and paint all types of fibers, including, but not limited to: wool, yarn (all weights), alpaca, kid mohair, silk, roving, silk scarves, and anything else that comes across my studio. This is my latest hand painted yarn. The fiber base is 25% Kid Mohair and 75% Leicester Longwool, handspun by a very talented artist, Marcia Hagwood, owner of Chasworth Pottery and Farm, in St. Albans, Vermont.

I recently had the opportunity to visit her farm and purchase some of her natural handspun yarn. I then hand painted it in shades of pinks and greys. I can't wait until it is a complete project. I am almost done, then I will post pics.

My studio is now located in my home, but I soon may be moving into an actual store front! There is some exciting works in progress to merge forces with my lovely local yarn shop owner, and create my studio in the back of her shop. Think of it, you would be able to have not only the glorious experience of visiting your beloved yarn shop, BUT the shop would also offer custom order colors and fibers, in a multitude of weights, done right there in front of your eyes.

I am also the mom of three boys, yup three! Ages 10, 5, and 3 and yes it is crazy busy with them. Boys, boys, boys! I swear, I need my crafts just to keep me sane. Really.

What's on the drying rack now (or soon to be)? More semi-solid colors, I am a bit obsessed with them at the moment. AND more extreme, bright, colorful yarn, you might need to wear shades just to knit with. That is totally at my LYSO request. She actually told me I would not be allowed to come back in until I had the yarn for her. Also, I am working on some more roving, which will honestly be in my Etsy shop before anything else will be.

Speaking of Etsy...have you checked it out yet? If not, what on EARTH are you waiting for??? It is the best site online for handmade crafts and tons of other goodies. Where is this site, you ask? go there, now! My shop is Really, check it out.