Sunday, December 16, 2007

12 CRAFTING Days of Christmas

It was really exciting. Last week, I got an order from a very sweet Secret Santa for some of my roving. She said the roving was on the very top of her recipient's Christmas wish list. Very cool! I figured I would wrap it up for the buyer and send it on it's way with style. I sure do hope the recipient likes it!

A fellow AREtsy member is doing her blog on The Twelve Days of Christmas, right now. She is featuring different videos from YouTube for each day. It is VERY entertaining and you should check it out for sure! will get some songs stuck in your head...seriously! Click here if you want to check it out.

This got me thinking. I am always taking on more crafting tasks than humanly possible to complete in the time frame I give myself. A few months ago, actually last February, my grandmother complained that she could no longer find nice hand knit dishcloths. From that moment, I knew I would give her a beautiful basket full of hand knit dishcloths for Christmas. So, please tell me, why didn't I start at that moment? Here it is, 9 days away from Christmas, I officially have four done. FOUR! So here is my tour of the 12 days of Crafting Christmas...starting late, in true Cyndi fashion! The picture above is Day 1 of Crafting for Christmas. I made a hat with ear flaps for my step dad. I had my great hubby pose in it for the picture. He only grumbled a little bit!

Day 2 Dishcloths Galore! This is a weave pattern where you slip every other stitch and then knit a row. Next row you knit two and then slip every other til the end. Knit another row and start all over. I love the way it looks and the extra slip stitches will make a nice cleaning surface.

Same Day, I attempted to crochet a dishcloth. My crocheting is still in the very primitive stages. But hey, it's a dishcloth.

The 3rd Crafting Day of Christmas

More dishcloths...One isStockinette Stitch with a Crocheted Border
The other just a plain ole Garter Stitch (not blocked yet)
That's it for catching up. I will post day 4 and 5 tomorrow! Running out of time, OH NO!

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