Friday, June 27, 2008

The Arkasnas Forest

Handspun yarn natural blends add with dyed green roving. ♥

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Family Camp, Birthday, Yarn

This year we went to MarVal Camp in Oklahoma. It was a pretty awesome camp ground. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants the camping experience, in a cabin, with WiFi. We went with a group from our church. Drew was baptised in the river during the weekend (YAY!). We had lots of fun fishing, participating in a Light Parade (we went crazy with glow sticks on our golf cart), and goofing around with the Hawaiian Theme. Of course, Daisy went along for the trip. She barked at loads of people, and tried to put across that "mean dog, little body" attitude. Have a look at pictures from our trip:

So, on the 11th of June, I turned 33. I can't believe I'm 33, really, for some reason I thought I was turning 34 for a good part of the week. When I was informed, by my sister, I would only be 33, it was great! I gained a year, go figure. We had an informal party at our house with some of my favorite people and some of my favorite things.

How do I love beer....let me count the Well, there really is only one way, right? OK maybe three. My sister and Matt came home from Vermont with four jugs of beer to help celebrate my birthday. Yum, yum, yum! Beer from The Shed totally rocks!

Here's a little knitting bag, from Mama Deb. They are awfully handy to have around and would recommend them to anyone. You can find more of them in her etsy shop.

Dad and Deb have been collecting old yarn bobbins for me over the last six months and gave them to me for a birthday present. One even still had yarn attached...super cool!
OK, this is sad. For any of you who have had a look at my etsy shop, you know, I have not listed anything in quite awhile. Here is my handmade stash just waiting for me to get off my lazy bum and start listing. What am I waiting for???
And lastly, just to add some "bling" to the post...well yarn bling that is, some new handspun bulky:
Lastly, is pure barnyarn handspun. This is a blend of four different wools I recently received. Instead of carding them, I spun them straight in their natural glory. I left some of the curly locks hanging out in the open and did not even ply it. Gotta love it!
Til the next post...happy crafting! ♥

Monday, June 23, 2008

Crafty Color Predictions for Fall & Winter

Recently, I was asked how I pick my colors for the skeins of yarn or roving. I find inspiration in the world around me and am inspired by words and even an occasional cartoon. There is also a bit of science behind my madness. I wanted to share the color forecast for Fall and Winter of 2008/2009. These colors are from an article written in Handwoven Magazine by Daryl Lancaster. The Mosaic below is the combination of four color schemes highlighted in the article: I adore them all together. One of the dye companies I like to use has them listed under four colorway/scheme names. The schemes are: Quiet Simplicity, Autumn Patchwork, Theatrical Fantasy, and Classic Architecture. The above Mosaic could be titled "The Architecture of Classic Simplicity in a Quiet Theatrical Autumn Patchwork Fantasy".

I see loads of yummy colorways and skeins of delicious yarn coming out of this color forecast. Hope it can help you in all your crafty planning for this upcoming Fall and Winter. ♥

Friday, June 20, 2008

Knit 2 Together

On Tuesday night, Jeanetta and I made a short trip over to Russellville to attend the new yarn shop's knitting night. This is an absolute must for any yarn-aholics anywhere!

The shop is located in downtown Russellville, click here to see the map to their shop.

OK, so I have to admit, since I really started getting into the production of yarn, I have become a total yarn snob. I scoff at yarn sold at Walmart, I barely want to reach out and even touch the yarn at Hobby Lobby, and in recent excursions to certain yarn shops I rarely see anything I find worth of taking out my wallet to purchase. I feel very strongly about yarn made here in America and also even more strongly about yarn WELL created. Now you know my dark secret...I am a yarn snob. Being a snob, I only like the best, and only approve of the best.

With all that being said, Knit 2 Together is exquisite. A majority of their yarn is handmade and if it is not handmade it is well worth knitting or crocheting with. I wanted to touch everything! They had this amazing baby alpaca that I just squealed over. It was the softest, yummiest fiber ever. I had to buy some and am in the process of knitting a pillow for my couch so I can curl up with it anytime I like. They also carry some very unique handspun yarn from Ozark Handspun. I am very impressed with the two ladies who own the shop, Stephanie and Kim. They are not the typical yarn shop owners. When you walk into their store, you are made to feel welcome. They have an excellent eye for yarn and fiber and this will be a store I frequent for many years to come.

Lastly, my sheepish feeling is passing. My computer depression is lifting and I am starting to feel like getting back into the swing of things. Last night there was a silver lining in my rain cloud. Don't you just adore the picture above? It's Truman from Martha's Vineyard Fiber Farm. He is napping and enjoying the sun. This picture really sums up my sheepish feeling today. ♥

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Feeling Sheepish

With the computer crashing and learning all types of new software, I have to admit, I have been going through quite the computer/internet/technology depression. Hopefully, I will get back in the swing of things soon.
Here are a few of my favorite "sheepish" things from etsy:

Etsy Shops listed from top right to bottom:
Thanks to all these Etsy Sellers! Be sure to check out their shops. ♥