Monday, June 23, 2008

Crafty Color Predictions for Fall & Winter

Recently, I was asked how I pick my colors for the skeins of yarn or roving. I find inspiration in the world around me and am inspired by words and even an occasional cartoon. There is also a bit of science behind my madness. I wanted to share the color forecast for Fall and Winter of 2008/2009. These colors are from an article written in Handwoven Magazine by Daryl Lancaster. The Mosaic below is the combination of four color schemes highlighted in the article: I adore them all together. One of the dye companies I like to use has them listed under four colorway/scheme names. The schemes are: Quiet Simplicity, Autumn Patchwork, Theatrical Fantasy, and Classic Architecture. The above Mosaic could be titled "The Architecture of Classic Simplicity in a Quiet Theatrical Autumn Patchwork Fantasy".

I see loads of yummy colorways and skeins of delicious yarn coming out of this color forecast. Hope it can help you in all your crafty planning for this upcoming Fall and Winter. ♥

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