Friday, February 22, 2008

Back to Etsy

After several weeks of no new items, my shop exploded yesterday! Here is a new lace yarn named after my grandmother's Iris Garden. It was recently pointed out to me, that I must like purple. I guess it is true! To nail me down to one color as to be my favorite though is hard. A true color lover!

This next pic is more handspun. I worked on part of it while I was at the Women's Convention a few weekends ago. It is Sanjaya 2 BUT and I cringe at what Erin will say about sold already! My cousin lives around the corner from me and her Mom had just started knitting. She was visiting and wanted to see my yarn. I went on over and she bought Sanjaya 2 from me. So, Erin, I promise I will make a Sanjaya 3, or maybe I will just name it Idyllhands and then it is yours for sure!
I came across some roving recently and it is perfect for felting and for new spinners. Since I am only spinning up my own hand painted roving, I felt the need to share this small stash. They are being listed individually on Etsy. Check out this one to see what I mean!

Hopefully, today will be in the dye room. Drew and I went crazy last weekend thinking of ways to naturally dye some roving. I will post some pics of that experiment soon! Have a nice day! ♥


jeanetta said...

i imagine drew must ahve a hey day if you lwt him in there to help you dye. i know mine would. and i love that yarn too! you might have to put someup with my name on it. i just see beautiful cupcake icing from it.

Ekio Locatiare said...

You are so going to have to make a bunch more of that Sanjaya yarn ^-^ I love it!

Great new yarns ^-^ I haven't plied my second one yet as other projects keep popping up.

Lovely stuff!

Anonymous said...

oh,I love the handspun! It has so much texture and looks so touchable! Excellent colors, as well! Lovely!

idyll hands said...


I *sniff* can't *sniff* believe *sobs* you *sniffle* sold it!