Sunday, March 2, 2008


I don't know what my draw is to the Americana Colorway. I love the colors together, gives me a feel of American pride. The first yarn I did in the colorway was a self-striping sock yarn.
When Bella Lana was still open, a friend of the owner made this "Don't tread on Me" snake out of my yarn. Next came the roving:
And so with the roving and the yarn, you had to know the handspun would come next:I do like this handspun yarn a lot. But, next time I make it, I will not ply it though. I was not so happy with the way some of the colors came together. Anytime I see red and white together I think candy cane. This yarn makes a very unique twist on the Americana colorway, but I look forward to the next Americana adventure!

Tomorrow I should have pics of Drew's yarn up. It is coming up quite different than I thought. Til then! ♥


idyll hands said...

Hmmm, I never thought candy cane. I really love the way the yarn came out.

I'm just waiting on Sanjaya... although, Green Eyed Monster tempted me.

TheTwistedPurl said...

LOL Erin! I need to start working on that for you.

I listed Brady's "Frosty the Snowman" and it sold within the first few minutes. He was really excited.