Sunday, March 30, 2008

It's Not Easy Being Green

So much to post about! You may want to get some coffee for this one. First off, this week has been a blast and a nightmare all together. The kids were off for Spring Break and Todd had to work this weekend. That adds up to WAY too many hours of boys without any extra adult help. So, what can a girl do but dye! I got a new batch of yummy roving in all types of blends. The below picture just does not capture the true beauty of this roving. I painted it in a very soft shade of green. The roving is a tencel/superwash merino blend and looks shiny and silky and just totally delicious. Jeanetta and her crew came over on Thursday...which was just way too much fun (to say the least) and she declared this roving, once spun needed to be called "It's Not Easy Being Green" I had to here is it's debut. Once I get it finished in all it's spun up glory I will post more pics. This one maybe super tricky to catch it's glory so it most likely will not go up on Etsy...but be saved as stock for Toad Suck Daze.

Saturday was an absolute joy! My Aunt Donna and cousin Allison came up from Benton with an fun group of ladies. They called it a Knitting Field trip. The ladies were yarn-a-holics and were definitely my kind of gals! Jeanetta graciously agreed to hang out as well to help me answer questions and to show off her amazing work too. Her nests and artwork were a hit, and I hope the ladies do take a "Field Trip" to her shop in Little Rock. If any of you are "stalking" the blog (haha) feel free to post a comment!

I set up several tables around and gave them a "yarn making experience tour". One table had processed yarn still on cones, one had roving in many fiber contents and blends, one table had my current limited stock on hand painted and handspun yarns. Then I gave them a painted yarn example and dyed up a boucle, my favorite, in greens, blues, and yellow. I was feeling rather springy. Here it has not been reskeined yet, but once it has I will be sure to show off more photos.

After the ladies took me to the new yummy restaurant, Gusano's. I came home and set the yarn. I really loved the colors once they were all set. I figured I had some left over dye still blended up, so I did a few experiments. I just recently got more silk fabrics to play with. Scarves, sarongs, makeup bags, and some with crushed velvet. Here is one of the quilted makeup bags:

I also have tiny little crushed velvet n silk card holders with zippers. This did not dye up the way I expected it to. I will be throwing this one back on the painting board to give it some more color. The inside ended up showing off the most beautiful shade of green, it's what I expected the outside to do...but everyone knows I love to play with my dyes, so this one too will be updated later.
So here the spring trio together. Too much fun!
Lastly, I have been working on the AREtsy handouts to go in the Toad Suck Sacks (goody bags) we will hand out for free during Toad Suck Daze. Here is what I have come up with so far. I really like it. I wanted it to be in Black N White to take it easy on the ole printer.

If you are a part of AREtsy, and you like the flier (which prints up perfectly postcard size) feel free to steal it!
For now, it's a dreary day. Much rain. The backyard is totally a pond. So, everyone is inside and driving me batty. Thank goodness school starts back up tomorrow. Whoooohooo! Have a nice Sunday! ♥


Ekio Locatiare said...

Ooh I love the green ^-^ It looks like a silvery sage in that photo. I can't wait to see it spun!

The cards for AREtsy look great!

jeanetta said...

yes thank god they all go back tomorrow and i get my house back and hopefully my routine. it was a blast on saturday!

ElegantSnobbery said...

Oh my, you have such a colorful life, getting to work with all those beautiful dyes! How beautiful! I love that green boucle!