Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Dye Day 2008 (Cont)

There's nothing nicer than seeing beautiful hand painted roving and yarn blowing in the wind. Today, I ran out of drying space. With it being a very nice sunny day, I figured why not run a line across my backyard. This was the result!
The Arkansas Etsy Street Team Goody Bags turned out super cute! Thank you so much to everyone who sent items for the bags. I will have to tell you all a bit more about the goodies when I have more time to breath. Also special thanks to Jeanetta, Debbie, and Megan for their assistance in stuffing the bags.
Here is some roving I finished yesterday. Mostly all in semi-solid shades, with a few surprises here and there.
Cotton Candy anyone? I am sure there will be plenty of that floating around Toad Suck Daze! Here is some handspun Cotton Candy for ya!

Will post more tomorrow with pics of the booth set up. I have taken over the garage and set up a mock booth. Hope you are enjoying the sunny day! ♥


jeanetta said...

do you plan on spinning all of that

TheTwistedPurl said...

Well....maybe! LOL I plan on putting them up for sell...then when I get bored, pulling off the super pretty ones and spinning em up. I will have a hard time picking which ones I want to spin.

Denise Felton said...

Oh. My. Gawd. The Dye Day results are absolutely gorgeous! Wow. And the cotton candy yarn actually made my stomach rumble! You are a goddess.

And look at the AREtsy bags! I can't believe y'all went to the trouble to create professional packaging for them. I was thinking more like little paper bags full of stuff. But that's why YOU are the team leader. YEA for the bag stuffers! The rest of us really appreciate you!

idyll hands said...

That roving is sooooo tempting. If I was not planning on sitting practically at the MO border all weekend, I'd have to come down and buy some of that.

The goody bags are SPECTACULAR. Hey, you're my favorite team leader!

sally said...

Wow.... I am so impressed! Your booth is so going to rock!
The bags are fantastic... you guys deserve hugs and cupcakes!