Friday, May 30, 2008

One of Those Weeks

It has been one of those weeks. One of THOSE weeks, where you get out of bed and think, what the heck is going on here? Then, you just get back in bed and cover your head. The above freaky picture was taken by me, a few years back, on a trip to Wild Wilderness Drive Through Safari, located in Gentry, Arkansas. The place is a's a must if you want to really mess with your kids. Ha! It is really a must, your kids AND you will love it. It used to be a favorite trip to take with my friends when I was in college too, so there is really no age limit.
Back to this week, nothing has gone right. Not to bore you with tons of details, but simply, everything I have attempted to do online has gone horribly wrong. I tried to post the chat notes for the AREtsy team chat and it vanished. I upgraded my website so I can sell directly from the site with ease, and it erased my previous website. I worked an entire day on the AREtsy website and it's gone too. I am slowly relearning the new software to update my website and hopefully will have it all back in working order soon.
On a cool note, I have been getting ready for camping next week. It should be a blast! I also started knitting a sun hat to hang out in during the summer. It feels really good to be knitting again, I will post pics later. AND lastly, the yarn shop in Russellville, Knit 2 Together, is OPEN!!! I am planning a small road trip tomorrow. They have contacted me about carrying my yarn, which is very exciting! Will post more to learn a new program with a better outlook! ♥


Denise Felton said...

Of COURSE the R'ville shop will want to carry your stuff. They'd be stupid not to.

And good luck with the cyber issues, girlfriend. I feel your pain.

dogwood said...

Sorry you're having techno issues! There are few things more frustrating.
I'm with Denise... They'd be crazy not to have your stuff in their shop!

Punkinhead said...

Hey, that guy looks familiar...