Thursday, May 8, 2008


Although Toad Suck Daze is now over and we are in the comfort of our home with our feet kicked up, many memories of the weekend are still being repeated and laughed about in our home.

Our booth was set up right next to the Famous Toad Dome where numerous children came to race Toads.

We heard every child name his Toad and each time the Toad Race would begin the announcer would proclaim "Ready.....Set......TOAD!!!!!" and the race would be on.

With all the preparation that went into the booth, the boys did not get to go out and hunt for their own toads. We were very pleased to find out you didn't have to bring your own toad, they would be provided.

Above, the boys are getting their very own racing toads.

They then got to name each toad and race them as well.

It was quite amusing hearing all the children name each toad over the three day festival. There were girls racing their toads with gorgeous names like Precious, Rainbow, Sunshine, and Pretty. Boys had Toady, Warts, Harry Potter, and Speedy. The name that had to take preference with all boys though was Luke Skywalker. There had to have been at least 30 Luke Skywalkers. Toads like to use the force ya know!

A parade went by the booth while Debbie was helping. She has this strange history of taking her picture with the Chick Fillet Cows...not sure why...but next thing I knew I had my camera in hand and we were stopping the parade for a quick photo shoot.

And lastly, there was Face Painting! Here is Brady, showing off his rocket ship. All and all, the festival was a blast! If you are in the area next year, do not miss it!

My sister graduates Hendrix College this weekend. YAY!!! We have loads of family coming in and it will be an absolute blast. But with that comes the house cleaning. G'ah...I so wish we had a maid. ♥

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