Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sappy Motherly Post

I miss my boys! I didn't think it would happen. I am not one of those mothers. Don't get me wrong...I love my boys, but they are BOYS! They are wild, crazy, and into everything. I rarely get to sit down for long. The thought of actually unloading the dishwasher without having to breakup a wrestling match is just a daydream. They are loud, they fight and they can not pick up anything to save their lives. Boys!

My 11 year old step son, Drew, is with his mom, in California for the summer. It's killing me to be away from him for so very long. He has been a part of my life since he was three and growing into being his step-mom has been a long process. Now, I can proudly say, he is the son I got to choose. He lives with us full time and is a source of much joy in my life! As for Austin and Brady, my four and five year old, they are visiting their granny, my mom, in Vermont. They have only been gone a week and it has just been too long.
The weeks prior to the youngest boys leaving, I bragged to friends about how my home would be a child-free zone. The perfect solace. The vacation of all vacations. I would get so much done. Spinning, dyeing, listing on Etsy, painting my bathroom, the list could go on. My bathroom sits with half the wall paper striped, the wheel is collecting dust, the dyeing room is cluttered and in no shape for work, my poor Etsy shop has not had a new listing since May, yes MAY! So, I still sit, with my long list of to do's and all I can think to do is drive myself to Vermont and go spend sometime with my boys and my mom. Watch the cows and visit my one of my favorite fiber farms. My to do list will be here when I get back, and I am used to dealing with trying to get things done in the midst of the insanity. At least now, I may appreciate the craziness of my boys.

I plan on taking my computer, and blogging along the trip. I will share the awesome yarn shops I visit, I have a few favs that are a must for my trip. And I will be sure to show off some of the cuties I get fiber from as well. ♥


jeanetta said...

well you certainly havent gotten around to all those things becasue of lack of encouragement. heehee

idyll hands said...

I hope you have fun... but you've been promising us yarn for ages! How can I trust that you'll finally share it with the rest of the world upon your return? Hmmm? :)

Denise Felton said...

Oh, I hear you, Mama! Go get those boys! Your house will be way too quiet soon enough. :)

Looking forward to your road-trip posts!

TheTwistedPurl said...

LOL Ok yes, I have been promising yarn forever, but then have been so busy. I offer up my sincerest apologies!

Thanks for all the encouragement I have ignored Jeanetta :P

That's so true Denise! Sad to think, before I know it my house will be empty and there will be no going to get them at all. Well, hopefully,by then I'll REALLY need the break from a housefull of crazy teenage boys. Eeeee! Scary thought.