Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Now I'm Back

After quite a ridiculously long break, I'm back!  My Etsy Shop has new listings.  The summer was long and hot and full of life changing moments, but I'm back. 

The handspun yarn below, once set, will be listed on Etsy for sale.  It is a blend of tencel, and merino.  The shades are purples, greens, and some tans.  The merino roving I painted was called Mud and Moss.  The spinning of the one bobbin was done during The Great Escape.  The second bobbin, was spun due to the persistence of a friend's desire to watch me spin. 


Jeanetta is having an amazing giveaway on her blog, Splendid Things.  She won a gorgeous handmade removable covers for composition books.  She got to keep one and was asked to giveaway the other.  It's a blue on blue Molly print.  I would love to win it, but I bet you would go over there and post a comment and you may win.

With the mention of Jeanetta, it leads me to the upcoming football game.  Last night, poor Drew was out practicing in the pouring rain.  Arkansas has been hit with the aftermath of Hurricane Gustav.  It has really been something else.  Gusts of  crazy winds and big heavy rain drops.


Of course, the skies were nice and blue on Saturday's scrimmage game, where I snapped the above picture.  Drew was in the game for a bit and I was introduced to football for kids in the south.  Man, the parents don't mess around.  It was actually a bit scary.  The team we played against was twice the size of our team.   I felt like the parents/thugs from the other team needed reminders that we were watching kids play a game...thankfully, I can write checks with my mouth my husband can cash.  But no check cashing needed to be done...thankfully.  I actually maintained myself fairly nicely, just when people are yelling at their kids to hurt other kids, your mama instincts tend to kick in.


Lastly, I will leave you with a Peacock colored Boucle.  The loops are small and it would be a dream to knit up.  I have been debating listing this one for a bit, I just see it being a gorgeous scarf.  So it may or may not be on Etsy...but we shall see.  It's silk too, yummy.

With all this crazy rain, First Thursday may be rained out.  I hope not, but the forecast doesn't look too promising.   I'll keep you posted.


jeanetta said...

I am nothing if not persitent. I will be going up during the day tomorrow but I doubt I will be staying for the evening. One thing I hate worse than driving at night is driving in the rain at night. Dont worry it will come together sooner or later. :)

Sunny said...

Welcome back!