Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Feeling a little Crafty?

So, now that football season is over....what's a girl to do? Best to get crafty again. I have been on a sock craze, fueled by my boys begging for pairs. It all started with a loom experiment that ended is socks big enough for Shaq to wear. Thankfully, they were wool, so I threw them in the washer and dryer and ended up with the perfect size pair of socks for Drew. He has actually worn them out now. But he was the only one in the family to proudly wear Minister Made Socks. My dear Austin has been insisting I make him a pair. I started them and he kept asking if I was finished yet. So, yes, I sat and knit like a mad women and busted out these socks:

It only took me about a day. Hey, who knew kids socks could be so fast? I used a really simple pattern from LionBrand Yarn.

So those wear so dang easy and quick. Brady's pair are already on the needles:

I really like the striping on them. Of course Brady was very excited to pick out the yarn from my stash.

On to more important things, like spinning :) I have made a couple new yarns, that I must share, they are handspun.

Lastly, and most exciting for me is my new hat! Every morning when I take the kiddos to school I have been so cold and I have wanted a styling new hat to cover up my lovely bed head hair. So I found another pattern from the Lionbrand Yarn website (it's been a favorite of mine lately). It looks a bit more like a cabled hat then a lace hat, due to the yarn...which was Mongolian Cashmere (insert drool here).

Really, if only the internet had feel-a-vision technology, you would just really be in love with this hat. Well, I's on my head as I type.

Keep yourselves warm and happy crafting ♥

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