Friday, July 31, 2009

Fiber Combination to Die For

I have always loved boucle yarn. A boucle is the style yarn that has the little loops in it. The first hand painted yarn I ever saw was a boucle and it has been close to my heart ever since. Painfully so, to spin a boucle is just not going to happen. Leaving each little loop out would take ages to do. Digging around in my fiber closet, I realized I had some boucle left that was not dyed. I took a single ply handspun yarn and then spun it together with the boucle. Here's a picture of it. Yum!

For those of you who have visited us at the different markets and shows this is nothing new to you, but here's a picture of a few Hand Felted Soap we sell. Next time I have one with a design, I'll be sure to take a pic before it sells.
In digging through the same fiber closet...I found some Kid Mohair and some Angora fiber. The two alone are both divine. But I started thinking...what if I combine the two. Can you say heaven??? Oh my! This fiber combination is to die for. Really, I may have to keep it in a safe cause people will be breaking down the doors for it. Once I get some spun up, I'll be sure to show it off. Just wish there was a way to let you feel it....hum, wonder if Bill Gates is working on a touch through the net program.
We have a new Patchwork Quilt Spun Yarn:

Here's what's on the drying rack all ready for our debut appearance at the newly relocated Conway's Downtown Farmers Market. That's tomorrow, by the way!

And lastly, non-fiber related news...I have to give a shout out to the Birthday Boy! Austin turned 7 on Wednesday! We had a blast going and seeing G-Force in 3-D and are having a big party for him on Sunday.
Gotta love that goofy boy! Have a wonderful week and as always happy crafting!!! ♥

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