Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Conway's Farmers Market & New Roving

Monday's Manic Dye Day produced five new batches of roving. Here are the new colors:

Green Blue Pink White
Red & Purplish Brown

Lots of Pastel Colors with Gray

Lavender and White

Royal Court

This last roving is the August Roving of the Month Subscription. The freebie for the Roving Club was a cute pin made by The pin says "Does this Roving make me look fat?"
Conway's Farmers Market move is going quite well. Tuesday, tons came out and shopped. I had the boys with me, which is always a bit challenging, but entertaining. They took turns grabbing the camera and entertaining themselves by snapping shots of the market in action.

That's me! Enjoying the breeze and meeting new people.
Below is a partial picture of our booth set up.

Lastly, a great shot Brady got of Austin sitting in the chair behind the table. It give a great overview of the table setup.
All in all, Conway's Farmers Market is a blast! I have made some wonderful new contacts, including Martha Rojo, who owns Alpaca and German Angora Rabbits. She came by our Yarn-Aholics group last night and brought me a sampling of her Angora. I have been in fiber heaven ever since! The fiber is silky and soft, just like touching a cloud. It spins up beautifully. I am very excited to be able to have found a local supplier of fiber. With that being said, keep your eyes open for our new line of Angora Handspun Yarns and Alpaca Handspun Yarns...your fingers will thank you. ♥


Gloria said...

The yarn is the colors.

My friend spins I will direct her to your blog.

TheTwistedPurl said...

Thank you so much Gloria!