Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mom....Can I sell this???

When you run a business from home, your children tend to think they can make anything and then sell it.  It's sadly true.  This Thanksgiving Break, my boys are determined to have a "scheduled" a crafting time everyday.  The first thing that was made was a Robot, on a tower...with self destruction mode. 

In this picture the robot has already ignited it's self destruction option.  Brady's asking price for this adorable piece of work is $10.  Disclaimer...since the destruction mode has been enabled...it can not go back to Robot Man on Tower.
Austin is convinced his "Camo Sneak Attack Shakers" are a bargain at $10 a piece.  He is offering a first time buyer discount of $8 a piece.  These would be perfect for sneaking up on something in the woods.

Each box is full of "Ugly Beads" that no one would want to see anyway.  They are rather loud and could be a great addition to your Army Themed New Years Eve Party...or scaring away a deer.
Brady has taken Austin's Shaker idea and expanded it into a Monster/Hat named "Mighty Madness Monster".  It has arms, legs, and is perfectly disguised.  It can sit right on your head and induce total madness!

This "Mighty Madness Monster" asking price is only $5...what a deal! 
Austin made a pretty cool looking "Almost Binoculars"...by opening up a box and looking through it.

He is asking $5 for the "I Can See You/Almost Binoculars" 

Yes, it says "I Can See You" right on the box.  Just in case you didn't know.  This is brilliant, cause it lets you know you can actually be seen through the box!
And lastly, not for sale, is our "Family Bridge".  Most have a tree...well, Austin made a bridge:

This item is "Not for Sale" because...well, it has all our names on it, so who would really want to buy it?
Hope you and yours are all having fun "scheduled" Crafting Times everyday....Christmas is only 30 days away!!!

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