Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Gifts...Christmas Crafts...Christmas Cheer...

Looking up at my calendar and realizing there are only 11 crafting days left until Christmas is a bit overwhelming.  I still have four weaved scarves to make, two stockings, and a pair of socks (or four).  AND to top it all off, I still need to spin the yarn for a few of my projects.  Oh no!

I did finish a stocking.  It's a bit funkier than I had originally planned and a bit smaller.  The yarn was bumpy and it hides the cable pattern that runs throughout it more than I planned.  I think I will add a little embellishment to the top or weave a bit throughout to make the cables more pronounced.  Gauge, is something I just don't like to listen to.  I know, some of you out there just cringed.  I just like planning and starting projects, if indeed I finish it, which is oh so rare, I will love it regardless of if it will only fit a giant one legged man.  My socks tend to be too big, so I figured I'd rock a stocking...well it's a bit too small!  Go figure!

If you have thrown the idea of making things for those on your shopping list out the window already and you are still looking for a one of a kind gift, I have a few things that may help.  I still have one Yarn of the Month Club subscription left in each 1, 3, or 6 month subscription.  If they do not knit or crochet, I have plenty of Felted Soap and a couple Weaved Scarves left in my Etsy Shop.

Our Merry Christmas Hand Weaved Scarf Giveaway is still happening as well.  All you have to do is post a comment on the above linked blog post to be entered to win.

I got an early Christmas present!  One hot summer day, Chris Massingill and I were trying to entertain ourselves at the Argenta Farmers Market.  I told her I wanted her to make me sheep.  She happened to have clay in the car and my sheep were born that day.  Chris is an amazing art teacher.  When I first met her, she was my oldest sons teacher.  After a year off, she is now back in the school and teaches at my other two boy's elementary school.  So, a big thank you to Chris, for my sweet Salt & Pepper Shaking Sheep.

Hope you all have fun finishing all those craft projects and checking off your list for all the special people in your lives.  I'm quite certain I will be throwing in the towel soon! 

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