Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Old Meets New: Horse Carriages, Cell Phones, Spinning Wheels, Fireworks...

Old Meets New

Nothing beats being somewhere and seeing beautiful horse drawn carriages.  Takes you back.  Makes you think of the day when all there were were horses and wagons and wait a that guy on a cell phone?  Yep, turns out both horse drawn carriage drivers were on their cell phones.  Wonder if they were talking to each other.  CLICK HERE if you want to see the picture "Old Meets New" on Flickr.  It's a bit larger.

The set up this year at The Promenade at Chenal was really not that great. First off it was so windy. Everything had to be really anchored down. Standing behind my booth was very chilly. Secondly, they placed us down at the end of the center with another vendor. All the activities (horse drawn carriages, tree lighting, choirs, Santa & Mrs. Claus) was in the center of the area. At least the general manager came by and apologized for our placement. I think the initial thinking was if they placed vendors at the ends it would keep people walking around...not so much. The manager told me next year would be different and we would be smack in the middle of things. I will have to think long and hard over whether or not this show is worth doing again. But hey, at least it ended in a BANG:
There were a ton of fireworks and they were awesome!

What's on the Wheel Wednesday (& handspun too):

Pictures on Top Row: New Handspun Christmas Red & White Sparkly Yarn
Picture on Bottom Left: Alpaca Handspun Yarn
Picture on Bottom Right: Blue Tencel & Merino

What's on the Knitting Needles?

This array of mess is a new Scrap Scarf. It's a lot wider than the last one. Such an amazing use for all my scraps. The end outcome is always so cool...a cross between harmony and ciaos.

I got these trio of Snowmen Razorback Fans at Hallmark.  They have opted out of doing a new snowman in their series this year (which I am totally heart broken about).  But the new Razorback Trio was a great consultation.
I want to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas Season.  Enjoy every minute of it, and craft your pants off...we still have 22 crafting days left!  ♥

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