Friday, January 8, 2010

Do you spin your own yarn? Then Spin for the Handspun Revolution Show

Calling all you fabulous creators of handspun yarn! If you spin your own yarn, then pluckyfluff needs you! The Handspun Revolution is an Art Show just for Yarn!!! Here's the details of how your handspun yarn can be part of one large exhibit of one continuous skein of yarn.  (click on image to see it larger)

Want more information?  Check out the facebook page and the ravelry page.  You can always go right to the source too: pluckyfluff's site
I personally am so excited to put a skein of The Twisted Purl yarn into this exhibit and hope you do the same.  If you are sending in some yarn, I'd love to see some pics!  Please post a comment with a link to your contribution. 

I may just send in this new one, I finished it last night.  It's wool, thread, lace, string, silk, and ribbon.  ♥

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