Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mardi Gras, Valentine's, and Yarn oh my!

With January shortly coming to a close, there are several Holidays knocking on our doors.  I already told you 2010 will be the Year of the Yarn, well hold onto your freshly knitted socks and check out this new handspun yarn. 

I have been on a bit of an art yarn kick. I know, art yarn may not exactly be what you will knit up to wear as socks or sweaters, but let me tell you, they would make one fantastically interesting hat, purse, or embellishment for a scarf.

It is my pleasure to introduce Mardi Gras:

Mardi Gras is February 16th this year. This yarn was handspun from painted purple, green, and yellow roving (pictured below) and then plied with a green thread and metallic Mardi Gras steamers. It looks like a big ole mess of Mardi Gras fun.

Some of this hand painted roving will be on sale in the good ole Etsy shop.  The Mardi Gras art yarn will also be in the shop, so keep an eye out.

The Yarn of the Month club this month was filled with lots of love, early enough for your Valentine's Day pleasure.

The freebie was a little metal mailbox filled with your yarn.  Hope you enjoy!  I got a lot of strange looks when I entered the post office with a huge box full of Priority boxes decorated just for you.  As I put them one by one on the counter, I heard a few chuckles.  But hey!  Gotta love the yarn decorations, no?

For more Valentine's Day fun, I felted up three new soaps, in shades of pink and a touch of white.  I am in the process of plying some yarn out of this same colorway and it is turning out spectacular. 

Of course, these soaps will be listed in the Etsy Shop, as soon as I get off my bottom and start listing!

So, there you have it!  I hope you are all having a wonderful New Year and are enjoying the Year of Yarn.  ♥

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