Friday, November 16, 2007

Bearly There

Megan and her Halloween Bear Costume

Notice the tail? You gotta love the tail!!!

Here is the costume that just about killed me making! Well, not really, but man it was an adventure.
First thing, I had to learn to use the sewing machine my dear mother bought me last year for Christmas. Yes, I got it for Christmas and then waited until October to use it. I will share with you my biggest fear: I was afraid I would LOVE using it. Am I silly? I know I am, but here's the deal...I knit, I crochet, I paint yarn, I (poorly try to) spin yarn. I do too many things. Not really, but I tend to lose focus easily! So, if you throw one more thing, that I like to do in the mix, then I would never be able to sleep. There is just not enough hours in the day and really, how productive is sleeping anyway?
So, I put off learning to use my sewing machine. And then the very first thing I sew is this incredibly thick bear fur. You know that wasn't easy!!! After I realized you didn't have to go full speed with the peddle it got a LOT easier! Haha! But, I did it, after countless hours of focused attention, the costume was done. I swore if the thread broke and I had to re thread the needle I would throw my sewing machine out the window. Yet, the thread broke at least 5 more times since I swore and I still sat there and sewed. So, you would think after all the birth pains of creating this darn costume I would swear off sewing forever. But NO! The process was a pain, yes, but the outcome...soooo cool! There you have it, I am no longer a sleeper. I knit, crochet, crocheter, paint yarn, try to spin, and SEW! Really?

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