Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Concert, The Lake, & The Booth

Quite a few weeks back, those of you with kids will remember, there was a Hannah Montana Concert in 3-D.  We had the Darley's over for some Rocking Good Times.012

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Jeanetta thought her embroidery was much more fun in 3-D.   And Phoebe rocked out.


We had one last summer outing, at the lake.  It was so nice.  I sat under a beautiful tree and knit while the kids made sand castles, swam, and wrestled.

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Last weekend, was the Great Escape, here in Conway.  It was super fun to meet a few blog readers, hanging out, and showing others the art of hand spinning yarn.  Due to all that's been happening with my family, I was not as prepared as I would have liked to be for this show.  Thankfully, I know a couple crafty divas who were ready to dive in, very last minute, sorry gals! 

Jeanetta and Jerusalem flew in to help and fill in all the blank spots with their beautiful work.   We made a great trio and hopefully will be sharing many more spaces in the future.  It was awesome to be able to boast about our booth being filled with all handmade products.


That's Jerusalem there in the booth and the side of Jeanetta's head.


That's the small shot I got of my side of the really isn't a very good angle, but well, it looked just like the booth at Toad Suck Daze (a scaled down version, that is), so really nothing too new to show off.

I have agreed to do First Thursday, in Little Rock, on a regular bases, so much more will be coming about that soon.  Hope everyone is happy the kids are back in school.  Whoooohoooo!  I know I am!


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idyll hands said...

The booth looks great! Sometimes I'd like to have my own space at the shows, but I wouldn't trade my booth buddies for ANYTHING.

Sunny said...

awesome booth twisted! And I hope your life calms down soon, I'm thinking of you.