Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Rain or a Flood

Into every life a little rain must fall.  Yes, it's cliche...I know, but so true.  I have been struggling with some pretty deep family issues the last few months, and have to apologize to my customers and readers for not being on the ball with the business.

Until things settle down, and my clear path is before me, I will be taking a break from my dear AREtsy group and also my Etsy shop.  I hope to be able to dive fully back into my business by the beginning of October, if not sooner.  Look for many more new handspun yarns and other interestingly painted fibers to be coming your way then.

The Twisted Purl will be at The Great Escape this weekend in Conway, Arkansas.  After that, I must really focus on the well being on my family and really tune into God's plans for my next steps. 


The Great Escape, a benefit event for the Conway Women's Shelter

Don Owens Softball Complex, Conway
August 23rd, 2008
9:00 A.M. – 3:00 P.M.

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idyll hands said...

We'll miss you while you're taking a break. I can't wait to see some new yarns and such when you're back up and running!