Friday, October 17, 2008

Working myself to Death

Last Halloween, this lovely skeleton was hanging up in my husband's office. This year I can relate to this so much!
I have taken on a second job, doing in bound sales calls from home for an awesome company. This job has really taken over all my spare time. I have been working anywhere from 20 hours to 30 hours a week. Let me tell you that doesn't leave much time for spinning and painting yarn!
But, guess what? I finished my blanket! I know, I know...I actually finished a blanket. It's a miracle.
Drew's football games are starting to come to an end. It doesn't look like his team will make the playoffs. Darn it! Also, on the football news, most of you know what a die hard Razorback fan I am. I scored some pretty amazing tickets from a person my sister works with for the November 1st game! Yay! I can not wait!
Hope you are having a wonderful month and enjoying the fall weather. Happy crafting!


Sunny said...

Whew, you aren't looking so good, maybe it's time for a break :)

jeanetta said...

Where oh where oh where is Cyndi?
Where oh where oh where is Cyndi?
Where oh where oh where is Cyndi?
Where has Cyndi gone?

Miss you :)

Felicia said...

What commitment! Way to go on finishing the blanket. Remember to stop long enough to eat and sleep too. Woman can't live by work, football and knitting alone.

Denise Felton said...

Girl, I wish you had something to do with your time! :)

Seriously, that is a majorly cool work-from-home gig. How did you find it?

Kimberly said...

Hi Cyndi! (met you @ Jeanetta's b-day bash)

I'm spreading the word that Vineyard Community Church in the Heights neighborhood of Little Rock is going to be hosting a community craft fair on Saturday, November 15th from 10am-3pm. Tables are only $25.

If you are interested in setting up or just want more info, contact me at and I will send you all the info!