Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Austin the Bully?

On May 6th, 2009 I will be at Theodore Jones Elementary School for a trunk show. The elementary school is located at 1800 Freyaldenhoven Ln in Conway, Arkansas.

Along with my yarn, there will be handmade items from Jeanetta of Splendid Design, Laurie from IsInGlass, and Chris Massingal.

Here is my very latest creation. Three semi-solid painted Blue Face Leicester Fiber spun up:
Then plied together. Normally, I only do two ply yarn, but this was too cool:

It's pictured still on the wheel, but as soon as it finishes drying from being set I will put up another picture.
On a personal note, this is just way too funny not to share. My middle son is a rock star when it comes to school. He doesn't ever get in trouble at school. Every week, his teacher sends home a
behavior report. This entire school year there has been nothing but giant smiley faces on each report.
This week, this is what I got:
Yes, that does say "Gave a boy a wedgie". After laughing really hard, wiping away the tears, and putting on my most serious face, I asked Austin what happened. He explained he gave his best friend, Ethan, a wedgie, but only because he asked for one. Otherwise he would have never done it. He swears. I explained that even if someone asks for a wedgie, it's probably best to say no.

Oh the joys of motherhood! ♥

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ReminisceHeirlooms said...

Lol! Too cute! Thanks for sharing. :)