Saturday, May 9, 2009

Kris Allen Comes Home!

Conway's own local hero comes home. Kris Allen from American Idol has made it to the final three. Our family has been huge fans of American Idol since season one. We were thrilled this year to see a worship leader from our church, New Life Church, in Conway, Arkansas making it on American Idol. Kris Allen made it to the final three and came home for a free concert.

When Conway gets behind something, they don't do it half way! Look at just a few of the signs from all around the town:Drew and Austin had the "Kris Allen Flu" and had to be pulled from school a bit early on Friday. I mean really, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and one that shows the kids they can do anything they set their minds to. Kris Allen is our local hero. He is an awesome role model. There was nothing in the last couple hours of school that could have taught them the lessons they learned just from seeing Kris Allen and his humility.

The kids sported their support signs. Before we were allowed close to the stage, we were informed no signs would be allowed in. The signs went back to the car. Oddly enough, moments before the concert started, the staff handed out printed signs, homemade signs, and flags for everyone to hold.

We arrived at Simon Park in downtown Conway at 1:30 PM. With our super early arrival, we secured a front row position.

When Kris Allen took the stage, he was very humble and adorable as ever. The news reported there was between 18,000 and 20, 000 people for the concert. CLICK HERE if you'd like to see more pictures from the concert.

Here are the two videos I shot from my camera of Kris Allen's Performance. First song was "Man in the Mirror":

After this performance, he sang "She Works Hard for the Money". Sorry, I did not record it, I just enjoyed it.
Last song Kris Allen shared with the crowd was "Falling Slowly"...enjoy:
All in all, the concert was phenomenal. We had a blast. At one point Austin waved at Kris Allen and he waved back. Austin squealed!
The judges choice for Kris Allen to sing on next Tuesday is "Apologize". Kris was very quiet about what his song choice will be. Watch and vote help Kris Allen's dream come true. Your votes determine who will be the next American Idol...let's make sure it's our humble, hometown hero, Kris Allen. ♥
Want to read more about Kris Allen and his Hometown Visit? Go to:


Stephanie said...

Thanks for the video! I didnt get to drive from Searcy b.c I had to work. Neat-o!

roy said...

Thank you for your sharing Kris's hometown celebration. Kris has many fans across this country and this gives us an opportunity to celebrate with all of you. I will be voting for Kris Tuesday night!!