Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Handspun Yarn in HD

I now see yarn in HD. Before all my yarn was flat and although there were those "that's pretty" moments...I now see in full definition. This morning, playing around on my wheel I made this:It's the type of yarn I thought I had to purchase pre-made. It's almost like a boucle, but not. Thick and thin and loops and a dream come true!

There have been three definite "Ah Ha" moments of clarity in my life. Once was when I got glasses for the first time and miraculously saw all the leaves on all the trees. That was fantastic! The next was when we purchased our 52" HD TV and again I saw all the leaves on the tree. This is my fiber artist "Ah Ha" moment. I can make the kind of yarn I never dreamed possible. I see the leaves!

Yes, so I may be being a bit dramatic...but do you expect any less??? I mean really! Come on now...I started with this:Some good old fashion wool. Soft, luscious, but not exactly something you can put on to keep you warm. Then I took my spinning wheel and filled a bobbin full of of spun yarn. Then I took some organic bamboo and cotton thread and plied it together. Honestly, I love this yarn like a newborn child. I can see hats and scarfs and sweaters. Where are my knitting needles???
In other fiber related news...I made some other yummy yarn. I have been playing around with my hand carders and made some batts out of alpaca, silk, angora, and multiple bits of left over painted wool. I spun that up and adored it's depth and ever changing colors. Then, with the help of my 12 year old son, we strung hundreds of beads onto some thread. Then plied the two together.The end result is not short of fantastic.And just in case there hasn't been enough eye candy for you fiber fanatics out there then feast your eyes on this! The other night, at a football game the sun was setting in the most spectacular array of colors. So I had to spin it up:


idyll hands said...

Yarns plied with thread are my absolute FAVORITE to spin and favorite to knit with. When I figured it out, I had an "ah ha" moment too. Something so simple yet soooooo fun to do.

Ekio Locatiare said...

I'm glad someone else sees clouds and sky and wants to spin them up ^-^

I adore the simple beauty of the first yarn. It just screams cowl to me but I'm on a cowl kick. *chuckles*