Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Must Indulge in Fiber Addictions

You know addiction is a such a hard thing to live with. The constant cravings and sudden urges. The impulses and the restrictions. The diets and binges. You know what I mean, sometime or another you have had an addiction.

The addiction I want to address today is not an illegal one, nor an eating, or drinking one, but my addiction, my drug of choice, is spinning fiber. Any kind of fiber! Wool, preferably Merino, but I'll settle with Blue Faced Leicester or Corriedale. Alpaca, oh yes please. Mohair is fantastic, Kid Mohair is even better. Angora, please I'll have an overdose. I can't even type Cashmere, oh cashmere!

You get the idea. Maybe you too are like me. Maybe you have a fiber addiction. Maybe you don't want to admit you have a problem. Well, sweetheart, in my world you don't have to! I am a Yarnaholic turned down the path of Fiberholism. Really, I don't want to quit and I'm not going to. No amounts of intervention will help.

So, when I saw this fiber from WoolyHands on Etsy, I could not resist. It is hand carded for crying out loud.

Before I knew what was happening, I had it in my shopping cart, hit purchase now and was typing in my PayPal password. Regrets, um never!!! The upside of this addiction, well the outcome is absolutely divine. May I introduce to you Reflections (of a Fiberaholic):

Yes I may be an addict and no there is no help for me. But for you, my dear Yarnaholic friend, there is an enormous amount of help (with your cravings that is). See, I am also an enabler. This yarn will soon be for sale on my newly renovated and reopened Etsy shop, TheTwistedPurl, no other name will do!
Hi, my name is Cyndi, and I am a Fiberaholic. What's your addiction?

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idyll hands said...

Wheee! So lovely - you did my set of batts justice! :)