Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Yarn for the New Year

This Handspun yarn will be heading to some of you in the Yarn of the Month Club for January.  It is squiggly, chunky, bumpy, and fun.  This month has so many active subscribers, we will be sending out two sets of yarn.  I dyed one pound of roving thinking I would have enough, but it's not entirely enough to fill the order.  So, I will be doing one more pound with similar colors so a few of these may end up in the Etsy shop too!

I recently went back to my roots and hand painted three skeins of yarn.  They turned out beautiful and will be in the shop's much neglected "Painted Yarn for You" section soon.  In cleaning out a closet, I found several cones of sock yarn.  I plan on dying them over the next few months.
The two on the outside have longer sections and will stripe nicely. The black and white one is a variegated yarn. All three would make great socks! The yarn is the perfect weight for socks.

This hand painted skein is called Anemone.  It reminds me of something you would see in a tide pool while strolling along the beach.
Hope you are all having a fantastic 2010, my year so far has been very inspirational and exciting.  I can't wait to share all the new things with you this year.  ♥

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