Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Talkin' Etsy Tuesdays with TheBeehive

And now, back to our regularly scheduled programing:
This week I got to interview the ever so cool Queen Bee Owner of TheBeehive on Etsy.  TheBeehive is your one stop place for scrapbooking items and more.  Her shop is almost like the scrapbook store for the non-scrapbooker.  When you want to preserve your precious memories, shes got the right thing for you!
TheBeehive has now been selling on Etsy for two years.  She started as a freelance graphic designer and has even done some illustration work.  Before opening up her shop she had never even attempted to sell her crafts or scrapbooks. 

Like so many of us, work from home moms, TheBeehive missed having a creative outlet.  She started selling her items because she was searching for a way to reconnect with her artistic identity.  Although her boys are always top on her list of priorities, working from home is a bonus.  She enjoys being able to stay at home, not working the traditional 9 to 5 job, and still help the family financially.

When asked what her craft of choice is she said "I'm a paperaholic. I enjoy using paper particularly making scrapbooks, but any paper craft will do. I love paper! I never thought I'd find myself a scrapbooker but alas, after some years as a graphic designer for a greeting card company and two adorable little boys to keep memories for, here I am!"  Alas, being a yarnaholic, I can so appreciate any type of craft addiction.  Indulge and keep at it!

Her shop houses many unique items, not just scrapbook supplies.  She has fun "Upcycled Paper Bead and Safety Pin Bracelets":

You will also find exquisite Memory Catchers which "are perfect for those who want to keep their memories out of the shoe box but don't have time to scrapbook."  The top silhouette picture is one of my favorite items in her shop.  They are custom order Silhouettes.  Just send her a profile picture of your child, dog, husband...and she'll take care of the rest.  TheBeehive says they are her favorite because "They make me extra happy to see in my shop because they feature my favorite boys and my puggie!"  I would just adore to have one made of my boys.

She finds her inspiration in her customers.  She really enjoys working together with each person, fulfilling their specific needs.  Each person has an idea of how they would want to preserve their precious memories and TheBeehive is there to help them achive that vision. 

As for her shop name, TheBeehive, and it's origin, she admitted "When I started my shop I wasn't completely sure what it was I was going to make and sell. There was one thing I did know, I was making a lot, I'm a long time sufferer of crafting ADD, and I was doing a lot between the boys, our pets, our church, my husband is a youth director...we were some busy bees! As my shop grows, and develops it's own identity, I have been mulling over the possibility of a name change that would better reflect what I do but that will be a tough decision."

Following her on Facebook, you may see the shop name is soon changing...you will have to check out to see what TheBeehive evolves into.  You can find her on:
Facebook: http://facebook.com/thebeehivecrafts

Twitter: http://twitter.com/thebeehivestore
Blog:  http://thebeehivecrafts.blogspot.com/
Etsy Shop: http://thebeehive.etsy.com/

My favorite question to ask Etsy Sellers is what is their favorite color combination.  TheBeehive's favorite is a deep rich velvety red with a bright cobalt blue.  Gorgeous!

Lastly, TheBeehive would like to give a special big thanks to her husband "who wholeheartedly supports me in everything I do. He's done everything from helping with housework, to attaching paper beads to safety pins, to helping me man craft show booths, to listening to me stress! He's my personal super hero!"

Be sure to check out TheBeehive etsy shop and keep an eye out for her new name!

Please help support your local crafters and artist by looking to Etsy for your needs before you run out and get some kind of impersonal mass produced item. Thanks and Happy New Year! ♥

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Ekio Locatiare said...

That is one super cute bird! Beehive is always so creative I love browsing her shop when I can!