Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Big Sigh

What a week! Man, I have been hit with a nasty cold or something. I was in bed for a couple days, well, not really in bed...but definitely couch ridden! Above is a picture of the gift basket I put together for Susan B Anderson. She is such a sweetheart for taking the time to come to Arkansas and help with Knitting For Noggins and the Arkansas Children's Hospital. Unfortunately, due to being sick, I was unable to personally meet her. I was so disappointed. I even had bought a new outfit, so I would look extra spiffy. LOL BUT, in the process of getting dressed I just about passed out and figured being as sick as I was, it really wasn't fair for me to go share my germs with all the nice folks at the Knitting for Noggins meeting. Bummer! My friend from Bella Lana, Margie Pulley, took the basket and presented it to her for me. So, she did still get the basket.

My beloved knitting shop is closing *sob* October the 27th, is the final day Bella Lana will have it's doors open to the public. Margie and I do have many plans for the future. She is helping write a sock pattern for a soon to come sock kit. Also, we are going to be starting a knitting group through New Life Church in Conway. Super Fun!!!
But all is well in the central Arkansas knitting world...rumor has it a couple of nifty ladies from Russellville may be opening up a knitting store! Super exciting! I will be sure to post more, once I get more information. I did have the chance to meet the ladies today. I expect great things from Russellville in the near future.

So, things have been a blur. I got my new yarn from my new yarn distributor. I am very excited to start dying again. Things are crazy, crazy! I will have to post some nice pics soon. Hope all is well in all of your worlds. By the way, Daisy Mae, our new puppy is finally coming home today. So, quite certainly the next few days will be more of a blur. I leave you with a funny quote I heard today:
"If yarn was crack, I'd have no teeth."
Isn't that the truth!

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